Retail Prune Products

Organic Prune Extract “Miracle in a Jar”

Organic Prune Extract “Miracle in a Jar” Prune extract is healthy and enhances the flavor of a variety of foods from tea, coffee and salad dressings to serving as a marinade to improve the flavor of meat. Sold in 12oz (340g) jars for individual consumers and available for sale on this website.

International health and flavor sensation—Organic Prune Extract—offers a number of health and tasty uses:


  • Two teaspoons a day of prune extract provides a generous amount of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and other health benefits, and can slow the aging process
  • A good dietary fiber digestive aid
  • A delicious topping for ice cream or shredded ice
  • Baby food mixture
  • As a jam/spread on toast, pancakes and waffles
  • When diluted with water, the extract can make prune juice in varying degrees of flavor for babies to adults
  • Excellent fat/oil substitute in baking
  • Flavorful compliment to tea, coffee, salad dressings, BBQ sauces and marinades (esp. for wild game)
  • Kills meat bacteria and improves overall meat flavor (works as an antioxidant to prevent freezer burn in meat too)
  • Improves quality of reheated food products


Organic Pitted Prunes (Moist Pack)

Organic Pitted Prunes Moist Pack Ready to eat, these pitted prunes are re-hydrated to about 35% moisture and packaged in 12 ounce bags. The process eliminates the need for preservatives and greatly extends the shelf life of the prunes. Sold in 12oz bags for individual consumers and available for sale on this website.