If you would like to buy directly from us, please contact to check on availability and price. Since prunes grow on trees and are subject to the whims of nature, price and availability vary from year to year. Our new crop begins in October and we make every effort to make prunes available all year depending on crop.

Note: Our international contacts are for wholesale customers. International retail customers should contact Buzz at Sowden Bros for a quote by selecting USA in the 'Location' drop down list below.

Sowden Bros. Farm
8888 Township Road
Live Oak
CA 95953, USA
Tel: (530) 695-3750
Fax: (530) 695-1395

Eastern Canada
(416) 574-6022
Lennie Ciglen Distribution Inc.

Dave Alexander at Global

Hideki Yoshida at Musubi International

Rest of the Planet
Alfred Garcia or John Clark at Ocean Export


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